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Greybull Precision Hunting Optic


  • Used/Developed by Pioneer Long Range Hunter, John Burns
  • Built by Leupold based on the VX-3
  • 4.5-14x50mm, 30mm Main Tube
  • Drop Compensating Turret Customized for you rifle and load
  • Adjustable Zero Stop
  • 1/3 MOA adjustments. 20 MOA of adjustment in one revolution.


Greybull Precision Hunting Stock


  • Moisture & Temperature Resistant Fiberglass Composite Construction
  • Full-Length Aluminum Bedding Block and Skeleton
  • Vertical Grip for Natural Trigger Hand Alignment
  • Dual Inserts at Both the Front and Rear for Sling, Bipod, and Optional GreyBull Precision Rear Support System
  • Colors - Olive, Grey, Tan, Black
  • Long Action or Short Action for Remington 700

Stockade Gun Stocks

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Bushnell Fusion 1600 Arc Binocular/Rangefinder

The ultimate in efficiency, our new Fusion 1600 ARC melds the best of Bushnell® binoculars with world-leading laser rangefinding capabilities. And it's no larger or heavier than a pair of 10x 42mm binoculars. Every detail is magnified with rich contrast and stunning clarity from edge to edge using premium fully multi-coated optics and BaK-4 prisms. At the push of a button, it displays exact distance to your target from 10 to 1,600 yards. Built in ARC Bow Mode delivers the “shoots like” horizontal distance, the ARC Rifle mode delivers bullet-drop and hold over information. With new Vivid Display Technology, RainGuard® HD antifog coating and a fully waterproof design to ensure reliability and clarity in all conditions. It's the best of all worlds Bushnell, in your hands and at your command.
Bushnell Fusion 1600


Powder River Predators DVD


In this video you will find amazing coyote hunting footage that will put a totally different twist on western predator hunting. It includes over 40 kills averaging close to 400 yards, 10 kills over 500 yards, impressive footage using the dog and a wide variety of calling techniques to bring coyotes in close. We think you will enjoy the 80 minutes of this fast paced, action packed film!

DVD Format; Approx. 1.5hrs

Custom Rifles
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 These are only some of the exceptional products that we use here at High Velocity Outdoors. These products help us make those long shots on Coyotes and Big Game. We also have access to many other products that are not shown on the website, if you have a question about the availablity of any hunting/shooting product, please contact us for our exceptional pricing. 
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